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Character Biographies
Goku- Goku is kind and noble hearted. He spends his entire life protecting others. Goku is also the first Super Saiyan in over a thousand years.

Gohan- Gohan isn't as kind as his father, but he can be just as strong. Gohan is also the first Saiyan ever to reach Super Saiyan 2. He can also transform into Mystic Gohan. Plus Gohan Posseses the powerful Z Sword.

Goten- Goten is the second son of Goku and Chi Chi. He reaches the Super Saiyan at the age of 3. He also fuses with Chibi Trunks to become Gotenks. Gotenks can reach Super Saiyan 3.

Vegita- Vegita is a Saiyan Prince. Vegita is just as cocky as he is strong. Vegita Fuses with goku to become Vegitto and Gogeta.

Chibi Trunks- Chibi Trunks is the son of Vegita and Bulma. He is extremley powerful and is freinds with Goten. Trunks isn't too smart and sometimes doesn't deal from a straight deck.